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Join us and allow your Spirit to Expand, Settle, Center and Breathe. In a safe and welcoming Space and with an abundance of resources- reconnect and honor the beautiful and unique Spirit that is YOU!


With books, classes and workshops that will deepen your practices and know-how, join us for events and gatherings that have been intentionally created to help you broaden your knowledge and inspire you!


EVERYBODY deserves time and space to reset and be nurtured, stretched, and grown. Join us for our weekly classes or schedule some one-on-one time to care for your precious body, and allow us to support you in renewing and revitalizing your system!

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“Tracy is an excellent and empathetic practitioner, so when she recommended that I try out vibroacoustic therapy, I was all in! The experience was sublime! I had no idea the combination of sound waves and vibration could be so soothing. The session had an effect similar to a massage, and immediately decreased some ongoing muscle pain. I will definitely be repeating the experience and recommend it for others as well!”

April F

Yoga has been an important part of my life for the past 20 years. Was blessed to have begun my yoga practice for the first few years with a yoga instructor who left the area several years ago. Tracy is a very mindful instructor, not only with the sequences she has us follow, but also with the words and quotes she uses to inspire us. I plan to be a student with Tracy as long as possible!

Pam P


We support local artists and Pennsylvanian wellness products as well as national and international wellness products. Seeking out products that are sensitive to the environment and just to those who provide them.

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