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With Tracy Lake

Support Your Wellness Journey

Herbs and natural remedies have been the defining factors in my family’s wellness for many years. When raising my family I rarely had to take my children to the doctor for anything other than wellness checks. I have enjoyed learning about, growing, and blending herbs.


As I became more committed to using natural products I chose to attend a formal master herbalist course. When I had completed training, I worked at a local herb shop as a master herbalist.  The hands-on experience was invaluable. I now enjoy helping others discover herbs and supplements that may help them on their wellness journey.

If you would like an herbal consultation please click the button below to request an appointment. Prior to submitting your request, you will complete a brief form about your general health outlook, any known allergies you have, and medications or supplements that you are already taking. This information will help me to give you the most beneficial consultation possible. Please email me at: if you have any questions. 

*Please note: I am not a physician. Please contact a physician before using any essential oil, herb or supplement. Herbal consultations are not a replacement or substitute for medical advice. I provide consultations for those 18 years old and older and do not provide consultations for those under 18 years of age.

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