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Keeping a business and organization running smoothly involves many moving parts, working together as an effective team, and meeting the vision and mission of the company to customers, the marketplace, and community. Intersections is a locally-owned, team-based business with a heart for our beautiful small town, staffed by committed team members with over 50 years of health and wellness expertise, and a passion and mission for educating and supporting our local community in practices that promote health and deepen wellness and resilience.

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Our mission is your team’s wellness in meeting your leadership goals and helping your staff feel healthy, aligned, and cared about in the workplace. Research shows that having a “healthy and happy” staff are more productive and that’s good for staff recruitment and retention as well as the balance sheet. We offer on-site workshops and classes from “lunch and learn” to multi-week programs that integrate easily into staff development at an affordable price and, best of all, locally. Again, research shows that health and wellness and employee development initiatives have greater impact and durability when follow-up, accountability, and booster sessions are readily available -- a distinct feature of Intersections’ services.we offer discounted memberships for your team to enjoy our wellness and resiliency services, herbal and botanical products, and classes at our convenient downtown location. Programs and packages can be tailored to your needs and can incorporate:


  • Yoga (beginner to advanced)

  • Herbal and Botanical Remedies

  • Mindfulness

  • Sound Healing

  • Reiki

  • Modalities supporting stress management, energy levels and focus, and sleep support

  • Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness

Business & Organizational Wellness Packages.png

Our health and wellness team are excited to explore how partnering with your current efforts can support a healthy and happy work team, boost morale, and increase productivity as studies of regular intervals of movement and focused attention have shown. So, it’s a win—win for your company and the people that work to make it a success. If you’re ready to boost your company’s wellness and resilience, now is the best time to begin or continue your wellness journey. We’d like to be on that journey with you. Please reach out to Tracy Lake, Wellness and Resiliency Team Leader, to learn more. She is more than eager to address any questions you have and consult about how our services can meet your specific needs.


Thank you for learning about us. We look forward to working with you in building a well and resilient community beginning in your workplace.

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